Environmental Policy Chart


Technology and Sustainability

Laid down in 1995, simultaneously with  first awarded Quality Management System, the Commetal Environmental Policy provides the framework for the environmental activities of the factory and the plant-shops.

At a glance Commetal develops, manufactures and sales components world-wide for many different markets always respecting Its own Code of Conduct. The company accepts responsibility for the continuous improvement of the environmental compatibility of its manufacturing process and product and for the increasingly conservative use of the natural resources. Accordingly, Commetal involves environmentally-efficient, last generation technologies  available. At its plants, the factory  works accordingly with society statutories ,regulation and laws ,National  and European as well ,conducting a socially and ecologically sustainable development process.
1.It is the scope of Commetal to offer environmentally-friendly
components and modules which take equal account of the expectations of Its customers with regard to environmental compatibility of manufacturing and delivery, quality / economy  factor and safety in all supply chain .
2. Safeguarding the long term future of the company and enhancing its competitive position, Commetal is  developing ecologically efficient products, processes and concepts in all Its comprehensive supplies.
3. Responsibles for environmental management at Commetal shall ensure that in compliance with customers, sub-contractors , providers and recycling companies the environmental compatibility of its products is improved efficiently and continiously , including the entire manufacturing cycle of the product from first project input to the end of production-life of the component.
4. Providing certain and suitable information and entering into dialogue with customers, sub-contractors and  service providers represents a fundamental aspect in our business-core, as well as in applying official laws, statutory, regulations related reports and records. 
5.In strict compliance with their duties, all Commetal employees are informed, trained and motivated in applying  environmental protection in strict keeping with statutory regulations.

Commetal Board of Management


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