Stamping, Shearing and Deep Drawing

Commetal is a Company with Quality Management System Certificated DNV EN ISO 9001 last edition that operates in mechanical Industry from over of forty years.
We are developed in metal forming, shearing and deep drawing of medium and large batch of components with last generation speed-link motion presses who generate forming power up to one-thousand ton.

Throughout the Engineering Office and the Tool-Shop plant we project and manufacture the entire tooling equipment and the related devices.

Companies who apply our support are National and International market Leaders.

Commetal is able to satisfy with accuracy the requests insuring top level quality by vanguards and skilled technologies based on a consolidated experience.

The whole of Departments employee last generation software in order to face the highest standard that European Industries expect in the field of design, quality and data share.
All activities regarding on a production project are faced by our inner Departments thus to guarantee maximum of flexibility in real time when production changes are requested for renovation, redesign or development.
During the partnership with the Customer in working out a project we proactively collaborate from the producing studies till to the last logistic optimization.

Getting satisfaction at all the qualitative needs of a product we apply tailored operations as degreasing, packaging and delivering.
Our most used producing materials for stamping are hot and cold rolled steel strips, stainless steel and Aluminium alloy. Whole of incoming materials are tested by our Quality Officer for production acceptance.
Leaning on specialized external certificated Industries the items can be supplied complete with thermic or galvanic-surface treatment or high resistance salted fog treatment.
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